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Cost Effective Septic Tank Management:

Make your Septic Tank Odor-Free &
Avoid Frequent Emptying


Problems with Septic Tanks:

  • Blockages due to undigested sewage solids
  • Overflow, spilling over to roads/ other neighbourhood, making the environment nasty
  • Foul smell emanating from the Septic Tank/ Soakaway spill
  • Sewage mixing with drinking & other water sources, thru pipeline breaks & seepage to aquifers
  • Frequent emptying of the Septic Tank through Trucks, costing a lot of money.

Septic tanks may have aerobic or anaerobic conditions inside them. Hence, only facultative bacteria can survive in them. Ordinary organisms present in the septic tank grow at a very slow pace since, under anaerobic conditions, oxygen is not available. Anaerobic bacteria are not as efficient as aerobic ones. Hence, degradation efficiency of sewage is reduced resulting in increased undigested waste in septic tank, making conditions quite septic, making septic tank condition worse. It is then that Septic Tanks clog, needing cleaning of the septic tank. This becomes repetitively expensive.

eZy SeptiKlean

eZy SeptiKlean designed to break this cycle and make the septic tank perform at its full efficiency. This involves adding to the toilet, a low cost biological powder, that eats up a large part of the biological pollutants, making the sewage much cleaner, and smell-free. eZy SeptiKlean has a mix of facultative and anaerobic bacteria and enzymes that make sure that septic tank is performing at a much higher efficiency.

Benefits of eZy SeptiKlean:

  • Minimizes odour to almost zero levels
  • Significantly reduces frequency and hence cost of emptying Septic Tanks by trucks
  • Avoids overflow or spill-over of sewage from Septic Tanks/ Soak Pits
  • Reduces breeding of mosquitoes and insects
  • Increase percolation and significantly reduce ground water pollution
  • Increases the performance of the septic systems naturally, without the aid of any chemicals.
  • Biodegrades organic blockages in pipes
  • Reduces up to about 85% of BOD, COD, TSS and pathogens
  • Reduce organic nitrogen levels


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